INK'D up THREADS | Chicago's Silkscreen Printing Company

Chicago Silkscreen Printing

Our Mission

Is to provide a screen printing experience that brings your custom t-shirts, apparel, and accessories to life for your organization or event with only the best quality craftsmanship at prices worth talking about.

Creating an enjoyable Experience

Customizing apparel and accessories is what we do, but it’s how we do it that makes us different. Our main goal is to create an enjoyable experience for each and every customer that chooses us to bring their ideas to life with Inked Up Threads.

We keep no secrets

As your trusted source, it is our responsibility to equip you with as much or as little knowledge as you desire. If you have a question or are interested in a topic we haven’t covered yet, just let us know.

Environmental Initiative

At Inked Up Thread we are conscious of how we dispose of our waste, how to reduce waste, and how to recycle more.

Industry advances in eco-friendly products and processes are both employed and practiced at Inked Up Threads.