About Inked Up Threads

Screen Printing Equipment

With 2 automatic and 3 manual screen printing presses, Inked Up Threads is able to screen print 12,000 custom t-shirts per day. Vector graphic images can be submitted via e-mail for art manipulation. Our art department can help bring any idea or design to life.


We can also scan drawings, already printed tees or other flat images you bring in depending on the design and desired print quality.  If your art files do not meet these guidelines, not to worry! Chances are we can use whatever files or ideas you do have to bring your Screen print design to life.

Tonal (Halftone)

Printing a design in darker and lighter shades of the shirt color is called tonal printing. By gearing the artwork for tonal printing you eliminate the need for an under base. It can be part of the design to see some of the shirt showing through. We can create the stencil using a finer screen mesh. By printing through a fine mesh, very little ink is transferred to the garment. The print will be super soft using traditional Plastisol inks.

White or Light colored tees

White or very light colored tees (pastel colors) are really the best choice for a bright print with a minimal amount ink. This creates a soft touch, especially when fine messes are used.

Dark colored Tees

Dark colored Tees, depending on the design will sometimes require a white under base. This will allow the color on top to show its true vibrant colors. The actual act of printing is key to a great print, however, artwork, t-shirt color and specialty inks are also contributing factors to a great print.